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Frequently Asked Questions

Landscaper Austin, TX offers professional and expert lawn cutting service at the most affordable lawn care rates. Don’t worry about breaking your budget by getting the best services around because our rates will fit right in your pocket.

If you have some questions about us, just go through our FAQs page and find the answers you seek.

1. Why should I hire lawn cutting companies near me?

We have professionals who can expertly take care of your lawn and lift the weight of this task off of your shoulders. You get to enjoy your free time however you want and save money in the long run. Most importantly, you get the beautiful and healthy lawn you want all year long.

2. What if I do it myself?

Of course, you can take care of your lawn yourself. But it is a labor intensive job, which means you can spend hours on it or even longer if you have no knowledge or experience with the task. Moreover, you can spend much more on DIY lawn care, especially when you accidentally damage something on your lawn, than simply having professionals take care of it.

3. How short should my grass be cut and how often?

Your lawn should be kept at an optimal height of 3-3.5 inches. Or, you should remember the general rule of not cutting more than 1/3 of its total height. During spring growth, you will need to mow your lawn more often but after that, weekly mowing should be enough.

4. What about watering my lawn?

Generally, lawns only need to be watered during drought. Signs like grass blades folding in half or footprints that remain visible after stepping on the lawn tells you that it needs watering. So, do so in the early morning once or twice a week with a 15-30 minutes watering time.

5. Are your methods and products safe for my family and pets?

You need not worry because everything we use and the processes we employ are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. We only make use of the safest and most environmentally-friendly products and make sure that our methods will not compromise anyone and anything.

6. Do we have to stay out during your service?

You can stay home or opt to go out when our team goes to your property. Lawn servicing is usually done during normal working hours, so if are at work and the rest of your family members are out, we will inform you of our arrival and leave an invoice when we are done.

7. How much do lawn care services cost?

We offer one of the most affordable lawn care services in the country. We have packages that will fit any budget and the least hourly rates that will depend on the task you want done.
Landscaper Austin, TX is your best bet to getting the lawn you want while still staying within your means.

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