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Landscaping services industry can do a lot in maintaining a sustainable environment more than you think. It is a $93 billion industry in annual revenues represented by 513, 305 businesses and more than a million people. Those involved in the industry are categorized as landscaping services, landscaping groundskeeping workers, tree trimmers or pruners, landscaping supervisors, lawn service, and groundskeeping workers.


With our landscaping services, we can make people more aware of ecological things. By ecological, we refer to how we affect the environment and how we relate to other organisms on this planet. When we realize the importance of allowing other species to live and thrive for our very existence, instead of harming or eliminating them, perhaps, each of us can do our part in ensuring the stability of our environment.

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We have to understand that we are at the end of the food chain and depend upon other organisms for our sustenance and existence. If they become extinct or diminished in quantity, we will also die.


Before you go searching for lawn care near me, perhaps, we should take a look again at the categories of living organisms so we can appreciate our dependence upon other organisms. These are the 3 main categories:




These are species also known as autotrophs since they can manufacture or synthesize their own food. Only plants and chlorophyll-containing algae are capable of producing their own food. The rest of the organisms cannot. They do this through photosynthesis, a process that is supposed to be a familiar concept in science. It is the process by which producers synthesize glucose inside the chloroplasts containing chlorophyll, which reacts with light. A series of chemical reactions take place until glucose (the food) is formed. This gives rise to other simple sugars and other complex carbohydrates. The fruits, more stems, more leaves, even roots that other organisms consume in simple terms.




They are also known as heterotrophs, simply put, the rest of the organisms that eat what autotrophs or producers manufacture. In photosynthesis, oxygen is also released by plants as a by-product, which is vital to their existence. To put it bluntly, they will die without producers since we belong to this group. We must keep all types of plants growing as much as possible. Producing a variety of species can help a lot in sustaining food security.


This is where Austin’s Best Landscapers come in. With an expert botanist in our team, we can help you choose plant species that will thrive in your landscape or maintain already existing indigenous varieties.

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Decomposers are also called nature’s recyclers since they return chemical elements like nitrogen, carbon dioxide, magnesium, and phosphorus, which are the products of the decomposition of all living matter. Living organisms can use some of these elements. Decomposers include bacteria, fungi, microorganisms, and invertebrates.


The interaction between the three categories is one of interdependence. You cannot sacrifice one for the other. All three have their roles to play to maintain equilibrium in the ecosystem.

Austin’s Best Landscapers recognize this. We have a team of highly-trained and professional landscapers and botanists that can design the landscape of your dreams. Every landscape design we create is our commitment to maintaining ecological stability and sustainability. Learn more about our services. Contact us now!